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My fascination and curiosity for fragrances blossomed during my upbringing in a home where Bakhoor (Burning Charcoal) enveloped us in its aromatic embrace. The diverse scents that surrounded me as a child held both intrigue and therapeutic comfort. This early introduction to a variety of aromas persisted as I journeyed through my teenage years and transitioned into early adulthood. I distinctly recall always carrying at least two or three distinct fragrances with me.

The profound satisfaction and joy I derived from sharing these fragrances with those around me remained a constant. Witnessing others as they inhaled and experienced the different aromatic notes ignited a sense of excitement within me. This fascination gradually propelled me into the realm of perfumery, sparking a personal endeavor that led to the birth of the brand Abu Athar.


Abu Athar Fragrances

At Abu Athar, our unwavering commitment centers around achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to nurturing an appreciation for perfumery among others, much like the passion that drives us. With meticulous care, we curate and deliver products of the utmost quality. Our aim is to offer an olfactory experience that encapsulates nothing short of excellence, allowing you to immerse yourself in the finest aromas.